I live in the beautiful lakeside city of Milwaukee, WI, where there are thousands of great things to do... if only you know about them. I never like doing a new thing for the first time, so I have learned to challenge myself and always do new things.

I'm constantly compiling a list of new places I want to go, restaurants I want to try, and things I want to do.  This blog is about doing all those things in Milwaukee or wherever I happen to go.  On Fridays, I write about what I'm reading that week.

My name is Laura, my cat is Dora. I'm from central Wisconsin and moved here in 2005 to attend UW-Milwaukee, where I received my bachelors degree in professional and technical writing in 2008. I worked in retail management for about ten years because I love meeting new people, and I love solving problems.  I am currently the Director of Human Resources at an engineering consulting company downtown here in MKE.

The little boy you see in all my Instagram pictures is my little boy, Hardy, who was born at the end of July 2016.  He's a bright little guy who loves BIKES, BOOKS, BALLS and BALLOONS among many other things, like his helmet, which he wants to wear or hold on to every single minute he is awake..

Welcome to my blog! 

Write to me at LauraSaysLetsGo@gmail.com

The Gum Wall at Pike's Place Market in Seattle, WA. August 2013.

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