I have been MIA for a multitude of reasons, one of which is a major career change.  On the 13th, I begin a new chapter in my life and career as a Communications Editor!  I said, "Farewell!" to J.Crew on Monday and have spent the rest of the week sick and in bed :(  I only wish I were joking.  

So it all happened really quickly, and even before that I had been consumed in a writing project for a friend's MBA applications, it's been a busy few weeks, and I'm really looking forward to new habits forming and the calm of routine again.  

Most importantly, I have a lot of catching up to do on here at LauraSays!  I've been to the Central library, I've read a couple great books, saw miles of autumn color from Holy Hill, and picked fresh apples at Barthel's, and you'll be able to read about it all, here, in the next week!  

So, thank you all for continuing to visit while I've been away, and please continue to visit to read about my adventures downtown!