I have a silly thing for business cards and, well, paper in general, so I was really excited to order a set of business cards from MOO.  

I ordered them in early September and received them eight days later, which was about a week before they predicted the delivery.  I was really impressed with the current and accessible approach of the company, and thrilled to receive my little package in the mail.  The square card is interesting, in my opinion, and people have looked at it differently than other cards I've had the opportunity to distribute (hopefully they are looking at it with interest, as well!).  

Overall I like the cards- the paper is lovely and smooth and the graphics are printed really clearly.  The back side of some of the cards, however, have a tiny white edge from printing or cutting maybe, and it's actually visible in these pictures.  I didn't let it bother me too much, but I could if I dwelled on it longer.  I'm choosing not to.  

MOO connected with my Instragram to download this train picture I took in Washington last Fall headed to Whidby Island.  The line for the ferry backs up for miles, and eventually all the cars pull into big lines to drive onto the ferry in an orderly fashion.  There's a great little restaurant right there where I got an amazing ice cream cone... I digress.  Anyway, putting these cards together was really easy and I loved that I could so easily add in pictures from my favorite times.

I should note, reader, that I did not get paid for posting about my MOO cards, and I paid top-dollar for these lovely little will you, if you order from them as well, because I don't even have an offer code to share with you!  Sorry for the let down ;)  I'll send you a card though, if you'd only send me your address.