Slipping and Sliding

When I was a little girl, I got to enroll in any activity I wanted to. I took gymnastics, soccer, ballet, swimming, ice skating...  I wanted to see what I liked doing, but unfortunately I wasn't good at much.  

I couldn't do a backwards somersault in gymnastics; I made a goal against my own team in soccer; I didn't have the dedication for ballet; I retook Basic 3 in ice skating three times before I lost interest. Three times! It was only recently that I even realized that I had been FAILING it.  My ever-loving mother had told me that she kept signing me up for the wrong class-- isn't that the nicest thing?  I only realized this when I went skating and had not a clue how to stop on the ice.  I never learned how to stop? It's so puzzling.

Surprisingly, I still love ice skating.  I own my own fancy bright white skates and love getting out there for a few laps whenever I can. Just guard yourself and your small children when I'm getting off the ice: it's dangerous for everyone around!


A couple weeks- nay, a entire month!- ago, Ben and I went skating with our good friends Kevin and Erin. We went to Maxie's Southern Comfort for dinner (I tried an oyster for the first time) and stuffed ourselves silly. Have you been? You must go. Don't forget your leftovers and make sure you get to take some cornbread (with the special spread!) home.  One last word of advice: eat AFTER skating.

It's impossible to take a decent photo while sliding over solid ice on two narrow slices of metal. 

It's impossible to take a decent photo while sliding over solid ice on two narrow slices of metal. 

Going skating at the Pettit National Ice Center is an excellent date night activity.  It's about the same price as going to see a movie in a theater, but you get to spend actual time interacting together.  She can cling to you while finding her footing...she can laugh at you when you fall down.  You can wrap your arms around her when she looses her balance...You can keep an eye on her figure while she's on figure skates.  I think there's great fun to be had in experiencing people as human, and you're human for better and worse when inexperienced on ice skates!

It's adorable to see the tiny kids on tiny skates, and fun to get passed by more experienced skaters.  I love to see people spinning, skating backwards, and in general having fun.  

The Pettit costs $7.50 for open skating for which they are open various times throughout the season.  It costs $3.50 to rent skates.  I do suggest trying to find the best pair of skates for your feet, because if you are uncomfortable in the skates, you'll be even more uncomfortable on the ice.  Miserable, even!  Don't be miserable while ice skating!  I also get really warm, so I wear a light jacket, sweater, and pants.  I wear warm and tall socks, and a hat, scarf, and gloves.  I usually have to take off my hat and gloves a few laps in, though.

Much better. 

Much better. 

If any of you work downtown and want to meet over lunch to skate the slice of ice at Red Arrow, let me know!