The Last of Color

NOTE:  I started drafting this post in mid-December 2014, and I finally finished it today, June 14, 2015.  It's not an important post, but because I started it, I definitely wanted to finish it. 

It was two months ago, before I started my new job, when I came down with an awful cold that knocked me off my feet for a little under a week.  The boredom of illness was kicking in, and even climbing the stairs in my house was exhausting.  That is the time I find I need some fresh air, something to revive me and tire me out thoroughly.  

Ben dragged me down to my favorite Milwaukee County park, Grant Park.  And we wandered.  It was crisp and chilly, clouds rolled in and we hustled out when it started to rain.  And not in a misty way, and not in a downpour, just in a polite way: infrequent big drops rustling the leaves and making splotches on the pavement.  A rain for which I could have no complaints except for the exhaustion which was taking over my body.

Anyway.  Let's go for a walk!

To me, there is nothing like stepping outside for a literal breath of fresh air.  After this outing, I had an excellent nights sleep, and felt better in time for my first day at my brand new job.  

Have you been to Grant Park?  Within it is the most amazing Seven Bridges Trail, which does cover a bunch of bridges and goes past several former bridges (RIP).  At the trail head is a covered bridge with a head trimmer upon which these words greet your experience: Enter this wild wood and view the haunts of nature.  I looked it up and discovered this is a quote from a poem entitled Inscription for the Entrance to a Wood by William Cullen Bryant.  I really don't know much about poets, and you guys know I'm more of a fiction reader than literally any other type of reading, so....this is all I have to say about that.  :)

There was some relandscaping project happening at the park when we were there, and I really loved the dark clouds contrasted with the equipment.  The unexpected can be so cool.

I hope you can make it out sometime this summer!