First Stop

Loving my corner bakery means loving more than the bakery alone.


But it's a pretty good start!

Loving the corner bakery, which in my case is the City Market in Shorewood, means loving your time there, and I really do. 

Not because of the service (which is okay), not because of the sad grapes that sometimes show up in the fruit mix, and it is not because of the sound of the bread machine slicing a fresh loaf for someone.

I love spending time there because there is always a place to sit and you can sit there all day if you want to. 

Of course it helps that the cinnamon rolls are probably the best in Milwaukee, but it's the natural light and friendly bustle of a part restaurant / part cafe that really seal the deal: it is perfectly busy.  Sit and think, sit and read, have a business meeting, work from "home" and your time will fly by.

Go, eat!