Obligatory Trip to Cedarburg

Apparently it had been too long since I'd had a caramel apple, so a couple weeks ago I made the quick trip to Cedarburg, WI, about 30 minutes north and a little west of Milwaukee.  I took the opportunity to wander the town a little bit and ventured into a few places I'd never gone before.

My dad and I have harbored an interest in rocks, so I was excited to stop in this rock shop I had never even noticed before.  While I've mainly been a "ooh, pretty! Let's fill our pockets with the pretty rocks" girl, this place is a whole new level of awesome regardless of your level of interest in geology.   

The secret is that you are allowed into the basement- yup, the basement- where you can investigate all the unpolished rocks. There's some spray bottles filled with water so you can wash off any stone and see its unpolished beauty. 

Cedarburg has some super kitschy novelty shops, but I loved this home goods store, Weeds, because of it's tiny secret garden between it and an office building about five feet away.

Don't you just love succulents?

Don't you just love succulents?

After perusing a few more shops, I made my way to Amy's for my caramel apple fix. There are too many flavored to choose from, but my favorite is the dark chocolate turtle caramel apple.  (Make sure you ask for your apple to be sliced when purchasing- there's no way you would want to sink your teeth into those gigantic apples!) 

One of my most favorite people actually gave me cash to buy a bowl of broccoli soup at the crepe cafe. Why would anyone do this, since Laura detests soup, you wonder? I do not know that answer. But....as much as I hate to say it...This was a good soup.

Other thinge I've done in Cedarburg that you should do, too: 

1. Get a slice of pizza and a garlic knot at Sal's

2. Go to any festival (especially the wine and harvest festival!) 

3. Spend a night at Washington House Inn 

4. Stop by the crepe cafe for a savory crepe....and a sweet one, too!

5. Enjoy a pitcher on the patio at Silver Ceek (bring bug spray!)

I'd love to hear your suggestions for my next trip!