To Transfer for Tiramisu

I'm going to get really girly here, just for a MOMENT...and quote one of my favorite movies.

Jay: ...Tiramisu.

Sam: What is "tiramisu"?

Jay: You'll find out.

Sam: What is it?

Jay: You'll see.

Sam: Some woman is gonna want me to do it to her, and I'm not gonna know what it is!

Jay: You'll love it.

I know, I'm really sorry that I had to quote Sleepless in Seattle to you, but it was necessary.  I love the movie; you don't have to.  What you DO have to do is go to Transfer in Bayview and get this tiramisu.  

So Tiramisu is ladyfingers (which are small sponge cakes) dipped in coffee with a mixture composed of eggs (or just egg yolks), mascarpone cheese, sugar, and cocoa.  (Whole Foods has a vegan version that I haven't made and has mixed reviews, but there are many other recipes online.)

So Transfer.  Yes, they have excellent pizzas and drinks and whatever... Actually, yes, the pizza is really good.  And the gluten free crust is superb.  My favorite is Bob's Special on the gluten free crust.  But the best, consistently the best thing ever is- you guessed it- the tiramisu.  Even a diehard chocolate lover such as myself admits this beats all. I want a piece right now.

Have you tried tiramisu?  

What is your favorite dessert in the city?