Boerner Botanical Garden

On Friday I drove down to the Boerner Botanical Garden in Whitnall park in Hales Corners.  It's a highway hike, 15-20 minutes south of Downtown, west on Forest Home and left on 92nd Street.  There's ONE sign before you turn onto 92nd street, so I would consider the Botanical Garden an obscure Milwaukee feature.  It is a Milwaukee County park, and we really love our parks here so I knew it would be good.  Somehow, however, I only learned of the park this year after living in Milwaukee for eight years.  So anyway, now you know, too.

There are twelve separate gardens each with it's own feature, so it's best to check the bloom schedule before setting your heart on, say, the Peony Garden, which was a total bust because it's not peony season anymore.  

What wasn't a bust? THE ROSES.

I am not a rose girl: don't get me roses for Valentine's Day, no roses at my wedding.  To me, these are not "romantic" flowers. ...Unless roses are your favorite flower, because what is romantic is simply getting your favorite flower. From anyone.  

But. You guys, roses.  Let's get macro here.

All of this and more.

This entire park is filled with gravel pathways and secret benches.   I loved the bog walk which led to a rock garden and some huge leaves I had to get silly with.  

This happened.  Thanks to a man with crazy curly hair and a leather jacket.

Everything is green except the flowers, some of which are so vibrant I can hardly believe they physically exist.  

Visiting the Boerner Botanical Garden as an adult costs $5, and I would say it's a well-spent five bucks.  Between the sweeping manicured lawns, the lush green leaves, and the vibrant flowers, you're also getting some real quality time in a Milwaukee County Park unlike any other.