What I'm Reading: The Princess Bride, by William Goldman

My friend Kevin says it's always playing when he comes over.  Ben says watching it with me is like being in a room with an echo.  Well, okay, you got me: The Princess Bride is my favorite movie.  

I'm not entirely sure when I first saw it or when I first knew we would be lifers, but The Princess Bride is always there for me, my default, my gal pal.  It leads a Top-5 which includes When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail, Mary Poppins (obviously), and this amazing 1940 version of Pride and Prejudice that keeps me giggling throughout.  There are no surprises here. 

What DID surprise me, however, was receiving this beautiful, Folio Edition of The Princess Bride for my birthday.  (There's definitely something to be said for important people and important relationships; it's not only amazing birthday gifts, but important people are probably the only ones who can pick out the perfect gifts.)  

I'd never read the actual book, and let me tell you...  It's weird.  Unique?  Not what I expected.

Let me explain, "the good parts" are terrific;  I understand parts of the movie in a whole new way and everything makes so much more sense.  I love it.  ...Let's just say that when I read it to my sick ten-year-old one day, I'll keep it to "the good parts" because the rest is puzzling and/or hilarious depending on your sense of humor.  

Are you going to ask about whether the book is better than the movie?  Are you going to insist that it can only be better than the movie (because you're elitist like that)?  Okay- "have it your way."   I'll tell you what I think, though you might not like it.

I don't care.  Yes, the book is great; I'm learning a lot and I've caught myself wishing more of the background information could have made it way into the movie.  But I also love the movie and I'm pretty sure it was impeccably done, and I just can't honestly tell you the book is better than the movie.  If it were a boxing match, the book would be in a different weight class, but the movie would be more agile ("hey, you're quick!").  

I love it.  And by "it" I just mean The Princess Bride book&movie.  I love them identically.  Read it.  Watch it.  In whichever order you choose.  

And no, I will absolutely not be loaning out this copy.  Ever.  

PS, I learned a reasonable amount about Andre the Giant and how he got and prepared for the role of Fezzik.  That was worthwhile on it's own.  

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