The Good Land

Now that I have a Monday through Friday job, I love filling my weeknights with Things To Do, whatever it may be, to help move the week along.  Sometimes it's a little exhausting, but if, on Sunday, I wake up and feel like I just completed an AWESOME week, then I forget about the exhausting part.

A few weeks ago I had my friends Kevin and Erin over (remember them from skating at Pettit?) for dinner.   When I was in Nashville in May, my dear friend Maiken made falafel for dinner, and since I idolize her, I decided to make that for Kev and Erin.

I used this recipe, and it actually turned out GREAT.  (I skipped the cilantro due to a cilantro/spaghetti sauce debacle several years ago that has apparently ruined my voluntary taste for it.)  Erin brought a quinoa/olive/cilantro dish, which was the perfect compliment to the meal.

In my opinion, the best hummus in the city is from Shahrazad on Oak&Loc, so that was the finishing touch.  For dessert, we all shared a Mast Brothers chocolate bar (the cocoa nib one) (which I also got in Nashville).  

Food and friends are two of the best things in life, so it may not surprise you that the activities continued on Friday that same week, when Erin, Ben, and I marched ourselves down to Fish Fry and a Flick to combine food and friends with something else I love: a good movie!  Wayne's World was the move de la nuit.

My company does Summer Fridays, so I get every Friday afternoon off May through October.  It was a beautiful day (insert cliche photo of tree, cloud, sky, taken from hammock), I had a restful afternoon, and I was getting excited to see Cassandra wail on the wall of Discovery World.

The crowd at the movie was fantastic.  No one was disruptive, I think everyone had a good seat, and while the food was mediocre, the beer selection was on point and Angry Orchard cider was on tap.  Happiness for all those GF people out there.

The entire crowd cheered when Alice Cooper talked about Milwaukee.  Everyone laughed together and quoted the most quotable parts together.  To me it was almost the perfect Milwaukee night.