Summer is a Time for Reunions

Ben went to Lawrence University, a liberal arts school in Appleton, WI, and celebrated his "5 Year Reunion" in June.  Lawrence does cluster reunions, so students get to see more classmates even if they weren't in the same year, so it was classes 2006, 2007 and 2008, and Ben graduated in 2008.  We stayed in the dorms, went to the Viking Room (the campus bar), and ventured into town for, yes, more drinking.

Of course I didn't get any photos of the campus, the tiny shower with it's dribble of water I attempted to wash my hair in, or really anything pertaining to campus life, but I took a lot of photos of the friendly people I met when I was there, Ben's classmates, and lots of annoying shots of the two awesome girls I spent most of my time with.

On Sunday Lawrence offered a day trip to the 425-acre estate it owns near Bailey's Harbor in Door County.  Bjorklunden has a lodge where the University offers week long seminars, hosts conferences, and can be rented for other events.  

We decided to go for a few hours of walking on the grounds, which border Lake Michigan. 

I don't think I'll ever have a college reunion, and I doubt I would go anyway because I hardly spent any time in college before I graduated.  Does your college or university host a reunion for your class? Would you go?