Say It With Me:

The Exclusive Company.  

I wanted to get the famous record, Lazaretto, by Jack White, so on Thursday morning I drove down to The Exclusive Company near Brady Street (which is REPAVED--did you see that?!) to pick it up.

When I was a kid I loved going to this shop in Steven's Point to get my favorite CDs.  I wish I could remember what it was called, but it was completely different than the shiny totally decorated place at the mall: it was a small, white store front with posters, glass accessories, and handmade shelving upon which all the jewel cases were stacked.  I'd pick out whatever new Mustard Plug, Millencolin, Flashlight Brown, or Alkaline Trio CD I'd been deciding between the trip before.  Get to the car, rip open the plastic, and make my way home.  I loved that place.  

When I moved to Milwaukee, I felt more comfortable at Atomic than The Exclusive Company, but the time changes, the record stores close, and here I am, Thursday morning, at The Exclusive Company.  I know I can ask for help, but I'm just too proud; and anyway, once I find what I'm looking for all help would have meant was conversation.  I just want to look on my own.  (FYI, it's not under W for White, Jack... It's under W for White Stripes.)  I love to browse the shelves and see all the current bands that are releasing their albums on vinyl.  Leaving with just one new record seems improbable as I peruse, and when I pick up Local Natives' Hummingbird my load seems just right.

PS:  Amazon's Product Alert says, "This vinyl contains some unique features which cause it to play differently than other vinyl records."  Excellent.  This is the best article I found about all the unique details Jack White built into his record, the link contains a video of White describing all the features.